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The Youth Parliament of Bharat

 Founded in 2015

India's one and only Youth Parliament recognized by the Government of India & NITI Aayog.

भारत अपना हो महान,
यह हर व्यक्ति का सपना हो ।
औरों को मत देखो,
सोचो योगदान क्या अपना हो ।।

-: कर्नल (मानद) पार्वती जांगिड़ सुथार :-

Youth Parliament of  Bharat

Our Vision & Mission

The Youth Parliament an Institution that promotes quality research and in-depth studies and is a platform for dialogue and conflict resolution.

The Youth Parliament is a platform for the youth to speak up and make an impact on the change agenda for the country. To take on the policy makers and highlight the need for new thinking that will take the country forward. The Youth Parliament will be a debate between the best debaters and policy makers and opinion makers.


The Youth Parliament seeks to meet its objectives through six Centres of study, viz

·         Centre for National Security and Strategic Studies

·         Centre for International Relations and Diplomacy

·         Centre for Neighbourhood Studies

·         Centre for Governance and Political Studies

·         Centre for Economic Studies

·         Centre for Historical and Civilisational Studies

वयं राष्ट्रे जागृयाम पुरोहिताः

( यजुर्वेद ९:२३)


•    To achieve these objectives the Youth Parliament of India.
•    Organises mock parliaments, youth parliament, events, conferences, lectures, seminars and discussions and invites scholars and subject specialists for exchange of ideas. It organizes exhibitions, cultural events, training workshops for students and other targeted groups and yoga classes to involve citizens across age groups and professions in the task of national regeneration.
•    Interacts with the diplomatic community in New Delhi to project India’s viewpoint and to understand the views and perceptions of other nations to further India’s political, strategic, economic and civilisational interests.

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